Funded Projects Of Faculty

SL. NO Project title Funding agency Scheme Year of Sanction Amount Lakhs Dept PI/Coordinator
1 Design and development of futuristic rescue robots for domestic and industrial applications. VTU VTU Research Grants Scheme – 2021 2021-22 7.0 Mech Dr. Manujesh B J
2 Consequences of Land sliding in the Western Ghats : Studies and Remedies AICTE ATAL-Academy FDP 2021-22 0.93 Civil Dr. Sowmya N J
3 Ramanujan’s contribution to Number Theory and applications VGST FDP 2020-21 2.00 Mathematics Mr. M Ramananda Kamath
4 Role of Material Science in the Continual Progress of Engineering and Technology VGST FDP 2019-20 2.00 Physics Dr. Mahesh K.K
5 Emerging trends in housing construction- a solution for rural development and mass housing VGST RGS 2019-20 5.00 Civil Dr. Sandeep. J. Nayak
6 Effect of land use changes and soil properties on soil conservation of Puttur taluk of Dakshina Kannada (D.K) District, Karnataka VGST KFIST-L2 2018-19 40.00 Civil Dr. Sowmya N J
7 Unnat Bharat Abhiyana Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India 2018-19 5.00 College Principal
8 NAIN (New Age Innovation Network) center M/s. Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society (KITS), Govt. of Karnataka M/s. Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society (KITS), Govt. of Karnataka 2018-19 120.00 College Principal
9 Shape Setting of Ni-Ti Shape Memory Alloys VGST SMYSR 2014-15 6.0 Physics Dr. Mahesh K.K

Ongoing project 1:

To encourage innovation and entrepreneurship among students, VCET, Puttur has established NAIN (New Age Innovation Network) center with financial support of Rs 1.20 crore over period of 3 three years from M/s. Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society (KITS), Govt of Karnataka. KITS has shortlisted 10 student projects under NAIN scheme for the year 2020-21.

Sl. No Name of Project Amount Sanctioned Rs
1 Multistage water wheel to extract energy from flowing water 2,90,000
2 Seed bomb drone 3,00,000
3 Smart energy meter using IoT technology 2,90,000
4 Automatic waste segregation and monitoring system 3,00,000
5 Design and Fabrication of Solar Arecanaut Dryer with automatic Rain and Moisture Detector 2,90,000
6 Pepper seperation and grading machine 2,80,000
7 Safety Alert device for Drowsy Driving Guide 2,80,000
8 Packing substrate for electronic gadgets 2,90,000
9 Automatic Drone sprayer for agriculture 2,80,000
10 Solar battery water purifier 2,90,000
Total 28,90,000
Ongoing project 2:

The project titled “Effect of land use changes and soil properties on soil conservation of Puttur taluk of Dakshina Kannada (D.K) District, Karnataka”, sanctioned with Rs. 40 lakhs under VGST scheme KFIST-L2 for Department of Civil Engineering during 2018-19. Principal Investigator Dr. Sowmya NJ.

List Research Guides
SL.NO Faculty Department
1 Dr. Mahesh Prasanna K EC
2 Dr. Mahantesh R Choudhari EC
3 Dr. Uma Pare CSE
4 Dr. Jeevitha B K CSE
5 Dr. Lokesh M R CSE
6 Dr. Manujesh B J ME
7 Dr. Deepak K B ME
8 Dr. Anand V R CV
9 Dr. Sowmya N J CV
10 Dr. Govindaraj AI & ML
11 Dr. Shwethambika P Chem
12 Dr. Chethan P D Chem
13 Dr. Raveesha P M Phy
14 Dr. Sekhar S Iyer MBA
15 Dr. Robin Manohar shinde MBA
16 Dr. Vandana B S MCA

List of Faculty Pursuing PhD 2022-23

S.No. Name Year of registration Department University
1 Mr. Srikantha Rao S K 2017 EC VTU
2 Mrs. Rajani Rai B 2018 EC VTU
3 Mrs Sowmya Anil 2019 EC VTU
4 Ms. Prabha G S 2022 EC VTU
5 Mr. Shivaprasad 2022 EC VTU
6 Mr. Naveen C 2022 EC VTU
7 Mr. Venkatesh Y C 2022 EC VTU
8 Mr. Mahabaleshwara Bhat P 2022 EC VTU
9 Ms. Nisha G R 2022 EC VTU
10 Mr. Shreyas H 2023 EC Nitte University
11 Mr Krishna Mohana A J 2019 CSE VTU
12 Prof. Pradeep Kumar 2015 CSE VTU
13 Ms. Radhika Shetty D S 2020 CSE VTU
14 Ms. Swapnalaxmi K 2020 CSE VTU
15 Ms. Shwetha C H 2020 CSE VTU
16 Ms. Roopa G K 2022 CSE NITK SURATHKAL
17 Prof. Pramod Kumar PK 2022 CSE VTU
18 Ms. Bharathi K 2023 CSE NITTE
19 Ms. Thapaswini P S 2023 CSE NITTE
20 Mr. Subrahmanya R M 2013 CV VTU
21 Mr. Rajesh R 2014 CV Mangalore
22 Mr. Jayakrishna Bhat D 2015 CV VTU
23 Mr. Sumanth 2016 CV NITK SURATHKAL
24 Mr. Prashantha 2017 CV VTU
25 Mr. Shivarama M S 2018 CV VTU
26 Mr. Shishira Krishna S 2018 CV VTU
27 Mr. Sudarshan M.L 2017 ME VTU
28 Mr. Ashley D'Souza 2017 MBA VTU
29 Mr. Rakesh M 2017 MBA VTU
30 Mr. Shylesh B C 2022 MCA VTU
31 M Ramananda Kamath 2016 Mathematics VTU
32 Latha Mohan Shetty 2022 BS Srinivas University, Mangalore
33 Mrs. Reshma 2020 Maths VTU
34 Mrs Akshaya D Shetty 2019 AI& ML VTU

List Research Scholars in VCET Research Centers

Dept. of Civil Engineering

SL.NO USN Name Research guide
1 4VP17PCA01 PRASHANTHA Dr. Sandeep J Nayak
2 4VP18PCV01 YOGESH D D Dr. Sandeep J Nayak & Dr. Umesh Chadrandra
3 4VP18PCV02 SHIVARAM M S Dr. Sowmya N J
4 4VP18PCV03 PRASAD PUJAR Dr. Sandeep J Nayak & Dr. Sowmya N J

Dept. of Basic Science

SL.NO USN Name Research Guide
1 4VP17PGS01 MANJULA B Dr. Mahesh K.K

Dept. of Electronic and Communication Engg

Sl.No USN Name Research Guide
1 4VP16PEJ01
Dr. Lingangoud Kulkarini
2 4VP16PEJ01 SUHANDAS Dr. Lingangoud Kulkarini
3 4VP17PES01 SHRIKANT RAO Dr. Roshan Joy Martis
4 4VP18PE01 RAJANI RAI Dr. Roshan Joy Martis
5 4VP19PE01 SOWMY ANIL Dr. Roshan Joy Martis

Dept. of Mechanical Engg

Sl.No USN Name Research Guide
1 4VP16PMJ01 KISHAN G S Dr. Manujesh B J
2 4VP18PME01 AVINASH N V Dr. Manujesh B J
3 4VP18PME02 RAKSHITH KUMAR SHETTY Dr. Shankargoud Nyamannavar
5 4VP18PME04 LAVAKUMAR Dr. M S Govinde Gowda

List Research Scholars Pursuing Msc by research

Sl.No USN Name Research Guide
Student Award

Student funded projects 2017-18

Sl.No Project Title Dept Funding Agency Amount(Rs).
1 Design and fabrication of low head high discharge elliptical impulse turbine with line load nozzle ME SELCO Foundation, Bengaluru 54,819.00
2 Design and fabrication of multi stage water wheel turbine ME SELCO Foundation, Bengaluru 80,692.00
3 Design and fabrication of series connected flywheel turbine ME SELCO Foundation, Bengaluru 69,700.00
4 Low cost housing using bamboo as reinforcement CV SELCO Foundation, Bengaluru Rs.31,600
5 Fabrication of multipurpose agriculture drying machine ME Vijaya Rural Development Foundation, Mangaluru 83,000.00
6 Design and development of flexible pesticide sprayer ME Vijaya Rural Development Foundation, Mangaluru 26,900.00
7 Economic evaluation and stability analysis of residential building with conventional and non-conventional building materials.. CV VTU funded project/- Rs.5000/-
8 Experimental study on improvement of bearing capacity using geosyntheic stone column CV VTU fund Rs.5000/-
9 Electricity Meter Reading Using Raspberry Pi CS VTU fund Rs.5000/-
10 An Iot Enabled Real-Time Communication And Location Tracking System For Vehicular Emergency CS VTU fund Rs.5000/-
11 Smart LPG stove EC VTU fund Rs.5000/-
12 Power system monitoring and optimization EC VTU fund Rs.5000/-
13 Comparing the standards of coarse aggregates of Dakshina Kannada with MORTH specifications CV KSCST Rs.4000/-
14 Proposal for development of Kulagrama (Bantwal Tq, D.K.) through survey, soil and water studies CV KSCST Rs.4000/-
15 Desing and fabrication of vertical head pneumatic system waste plastic recycler ME KSCST Rs.8000/-
16 Pepper separator and cleaning system ME KSCST Rs.10000/-
17 Handbone age estimation CS KSCST Rs.5000/-
18 Study on influence of sewage water on physico - chemical properties of sub-surface water from Puttur city to Nekkilady, Dakshishna Kannada CV KSCST Rs.8000/-
19 Smart walking stick and navigation system for visually impaired people EC KSCST Rs.6000/-

Student funded projects 2018-19

Sl.No Project Title Department Funding Agency Amount (Rs).
1 Vertical conveyer type turbine to extract power from low head water on weight basis ME SELCO Foundation, Bengaluru 46,005/-
2 Animatronic hand for physicaly disabled people EC SELCO Foundation, Bengaluru 21,650/
3 MUKHURA- The plastic recycler ME Rotary Club, Puttur 1,43,000/-
4 Clay based Geopolymer Bricks CV KSCST 6000/-
5 Effect of soil erosion on crop production of Puttur Dakshina Kannada district Karnataka CV KSCST 4000/-
6 Design and fabrication of dried arecanut collecting and bagging machine ME KSCST 9000/-
7 Automatic waste segregation and monitoring system EC KSCST 6000/-
8 Fabrication of unmanned robotic pesticide sprayer and harvester for arecanut plantation ME KSCST 10000/-
9 Impact dumping yard on soil properties and water qualities in and around Bannur village of Puttur taluk CV KSCST 6000/-
10 Automatic detection of dengue fever with platelets count using image processing IS KSCST 3500/-
11 Measurement of evapotranspiration for irrigation suitability (data collection, field simulation and modelling CV KSCST 3000/-

Student funded projects 2019-20

SL.No Project Title Department Funding Agency Amount (Rs).
1 Desalination approach of sea water and brackish water by coconut shell activated carbon as a natural filter CV KSCST 2500/-
2 Design of electric trolley and speed control of BLDC motor EC KSCST 6000/-
3 Automated prediction of ovulation using physiological signals towards the wellness of women EC KSCST 3500/-
4 Low cost housing for rural mass sustainability at Kula Grama, Puttur, D.K CV KSCST 5500/-
5 A study on sedimental analysis of floodplain at Kukkavu, Belthangady (T.Q), D.K CV KSCST 4500/-
6 Optimization of irrigation efficiency using soil and pedotransfer functions CV KSCST 4500/-
7 Mobile application for automatic identification of fall armyworm(FAW) CS KSCST 4500/-

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