Department Overview:

Department of Chemistry is imparting the knowledge of chemistry concepts and its applications in the field of engineering and technology for all the undergraduate programmes of the institute since its inception. The department is having a team of highly competent faculty and skilled supporting staff. Department has a well equipped, spacious laboratory, which accommodates 30 students with good seating arrangements during demonstrations and instructions. A good stock of chemicals are maintained and replenished for every academic year.

Department Objectives:
  • To implement innovative teaching learning approaches in teaching the students for theory and laboratory courses.

  • To inculcate the practice of correlating and applying the studied concepts of basic science to engineering and technology.

  • To train the students for best laboratory Practices

  • To educate the students about self confidence, team work and enhancement of communication skills.

Department Highlights:

  • Highly proficient faculty with good number of research publications.

  • Improvement of competency of faculty time to time by undergoing online certification courses, seminars, workshops and conferences.

  • A well equipped spacious laboratory for the students.

  • Laboratory facility service provided for high school and PU students of neighbourhood for science projects development and students of Mechanical/Civil Engineering.

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