Department Overview:

Mathematics plays an important role in Science and Technology. Mathematics is a tool that changes theoretical things into practical ones.

Currently the department of Mathematics has Five well qualified faculties highly motivated towards teaching and helping students for academic excellence and overall personality development. The department offers opportunities for education in Mathematical subjects such as Linear Algebra and Calculus, Advanced calculus and Numerical Methods,Transform Calculus, Fourier Series and Numerical Techniques, Complex Analysis, Probability and Statistical Methods.

Apart from this coaching the lateral entry students with Additional Mathematics I and Additional Mathematics II is provided. The department also offers teaching aids to the students pursuing M.Tech.

Department Objectives:
  1. To impart the knowledge of Engineering Mathematics.

  2. To encourage and enable students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to study related fields in Engineering

  3.   To encourage students to become confident in using Mathematics to analyse and solve problems both in engineering and real-life situations.

  4. Learn how to make decisions about how to use Mathematics as an effective tool whenever and wherever required.

Department Highlights:
  1. Apart from the regular Mathematics courses, certain courses like Engineering Statistics and Linear Algebra, courses related to Mathematics in M. Tech are also taught by the faculty members of the Mathematics Department.

  2. The main highlight of the Department is that the slow learners are given special attention and are helped to learn and understand the courses.

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