About Alumni Association:

We strongly believe that every alumnus is a true brand ambassador of any institute. In the most important years of your formation in this beautiful institution, the College has contributed mightily towards your personal and professional development, beginning from the fundamental knowledge to the soft skills and life skills. As you, the alumni fraternity, are professionally very strong, we request you to:

  • Encourage the Alumni to take interest in the the progress and development of Alma matters and promote the VCET Brand in the society.

  • Enhance the job opportunities by providing necessary contacts to the training and placement cell.

To have alumni in the campus is a joy. Your presence at the campus enables us to take your contributions towards organizing technical talks, workshops and seminars. We have created this platform, so that we could have an interaction with each one of you and extract the knowledge and valuable suggestions for the improvement of your Alma Mater.

We are always looking for the betterment of our alumni base. Kindly register yourself to begin a journey of networking and reconnecting with your friends.

Alumni Association Registration Link:alumni.vcetputtur.ac.in

Details of Alumni Association:

SI No. Name Membership Batch Department Contact No.
1 Mr. Narasimha Pai President 2008-12 CVE 9743703147
2 Mr. Jaganesh G.C. Secretary 2006-10 ME 9164585263

College Committee:

SI No. Staff Name Role Contact No.
1 Mr. Vinay P Chief Coodinator 9986954242
2 Mr. Naveenakrishna P V Chief Coodinator 9449745439
3 Mr. Rakesh Borker CV Dept. Coodinator 9449744663
4 Ms. Nisha G R ECE Dept. Coodinator 8710010052
5 Mr. Satheesha Kumar K ME Dept. Coodinator 9449936366
6 Ms. Swapna Laxmi CSE Dept. Coodinator 9686626149
7 Ms. Reshma Pai MBA Dept. Coodinator 9844379977
8 Ms. Shwethamibka P FY Dept. Coodinator 9449215221



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