Objectives of ISTE

  1. To formulate the general goals & responsibilities of technical education.

  2. To adjust curriculum & educational processes to changing conditions.

  3. To develop effective teachers & educational administrators.

  4. To improve instructional methods & practices & administrative usages.

  5. To enhance professional ideals & standards.

  6. To foster researches a function complementary to teaching.

  7. To cultivate fraternal spirit amongst the teachers, administrators, industrialists & professionals.

  8. To bring about effective linkage between technical institutions industry & society.

  9. To award honorary fellowships, Awards and Prizes, for furthering the objectives of Technical Education.


Functions of ISTE

  1. Organize weekly quiz programmes for members.

  2. Organize lectures by experts from industry, R&D organizations, defense services, government departments and other institutions.

  3. Coaching programme for writing competitive examinations and attending job interview.

  4. Training programme on report writing, Project Management, Cultural programmes & Counseling Services.

  5. Entrepreneurship development programmes.

  6. Lectures on Moral Values and Ethics.

  7. Discussions, brain-storming sessions, group activities

  8. Training in public speaking  

  9. Training in becoming a Master Student

  10. Visits to industry, work sites

  11. Programmes in leadership and personality development

  12. Training in co-operative learning       

  13. Training on Environmental Awareness

  14. Training on Basic Management Skills

  15. Organizing students symposiums and seminars.


# Name Role Designation Contact
1 Dr. Manujesh B J Chief Coordinator Professor &Head 9741729531
2 Dr. Ananda V R Member Professor 9740546040
3 Mr. Krishna Mohana A J Member Assistant Professor +91 8251 235955
4 Dr. Shrikanth Rao S K Member Assistant Professor & Head 9743703473
5 Dr. Sekhar S Iyer Member Professor & Director 9688618954
6 Mr. Jayakrishna Bhat D Dept. Coordinator Assistant Professor +91 8251 235955
7 Mr. Raghavendra Prasad S A Dept. Coordinator Assistant Professor +91 8251 235955
8 Ms. Thapaswini P S Dept. Coordinator Assistant Professor 9535622841
9 Mr. Naveena C Dept. Coordinator Assistant Professor +91 8251 235955
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