The concept of creating a 'home away from home' underlines the care taken to make the students comfortable in the hostels. Newly built modern structure with spacious rooms caters to the residential needs of the boarders staying away from their homes. The primary purpose of the hostel is to provide an environment that is conducive for concentrated study and cultivate a life style of discipline and co-operation.

Round the clock hot water supply through solar heaters and uninterrupted lighting system are ensured. Indoor and outdoor games, TV, reading hall, mini library and a prayer hall are also provided. A hygienically maintained kitchen offering good quality vegetarian food and spacious dining halls ensure that the boarders are well nourished. All these residential facilities come to the students at a very economical rate, minimizing the financial burden on the parents.

Dedicated wardens and supervisory staff along with faculty members oversee the welfare of the students. Discipline is practiced through well-maintained timings and study hours with strict vigilance exercised with regard to visitors. The hostel and the college premises are completely free from ragging.

Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the rooms and study hall. Locker facility is provided in the hostel lounge to keep mobile phones in safety. Hostellers are not permitted to use motor vehicles. On Sundays, inmates are allowed to watch a movie from 2.00 pm in the TV Hall. All inmates are expected to assemble in the prayer hall by 6.00 pm. The study hour is from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm.

The students who involve in conflicts, ragging, criminal activities, destruction of hostel property, defiance of the official staff, warden or kitchen staff, indulge in consumption of alcohol, drugs, smoking, chewing tobacco products, thefts and activities unbecoming of a student will be dismissed from the hostel and the college.

Contact Phone Nos.

Name Contact Number
Mr. Govindaraja Sharma K M, Chief Warden 9901852117
Nalanda Block, Engineering Hostel 9741701811
Thakshashila 8105809834
Niveditha Block, Engineering Hostel 9743734934
Narmada Block, Engineering Hostel 9741168062
Sharada Block 9900958823
Hostel / VVSP Office 08251 236599

Nalanda Boys Hostel

Niveditha Girls Hostel


SALIENT FEATURES:Modern Infrastructure and State-of-the-art LaboratoriesDisciplined and Ragging free Study EnvironmentQualified...
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