Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Vivekananda College of Engineering and Technology, Puttur in association with ACES, Alumni Cell and IEEE VCET Student Branch, VCET Puttur, had organized a workshop on “Induction to ROKU” on 2nd March 2024 at DBMS Laboratory, VCET Puttur. The resource person was Mr. Dwarakanath, Software Developer, Ovyo Technology Services. He is Actively engaged in disseminating knowledge through seminars and contributed to supplementary courses, specialized in advanced Git techniques and conducted workshops to ensure optimal version control.

The session began with the expert explaining all about Roku. Speaker spoke about what Roku is and went through important terms like channels, screens, and remote controls. He explained why Roku is important and how it helps people enjoy streaming content. Then, everyone got hands-on experience with making Roku channels. Students have learnt how to create basic channels and add cool features to them. The workshop covered topics like how to work together as a team on Roku projects and how to fix any issues that come up. Mr. Dwarakanath explored strategies for managing code changes made by multiple team members, ensuring smooth coordination and avoiding conflicts. Overall, it was an interesting and exciting session where everyone got to learn about using Roku to make awesome streaming experiences.

The master of ceremony and introduction of guest was done by Mr. Pratham Ajeru of third year CSE. Dr. Nischay Kumar Hegde, Associate Professor & HoD, Dept of CSE welcomed the speaker and gathering. Pof. Pramod Kumar P M, Asst Professor, CSE delivered vote of thanks.

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