The Association of Management Studies was inaugurated at Vivekananda College of Engineering and Technology (VCET) Puttur on Friday, February 9, 2024, with great enthusiasm and zeal. The event commenced with the lighting of the traditional lamp by esteemed dignitaries, signifying the auspicious beginning of the program.

Dr. Mahesh Prasanna K, Principal of VCET, delivered an inspiring speech, urging students to overcome procrastination and actively engage in all activities organized by the Association of Management Studies. He emphasized the importance of hard work and encouraged students to strive for success in all endeavors. Additionally, he extended his best wishes to the student representatives of the association.

Sri. Muralidhar Bhat, Treasurer of VCET's Governing Council, presided over the function and highlighted the college's role in transforming students' lives. He stressed the significance of discipline and continuous learning, applauding the initiatives undertaken by the MBA department.

Mr. Ashley D'Souza, Assistant Professor, administered the oath to the student council members of the association, emphasizing their commitment to upholding the values and objectives of the organization.

Dr. Robin Manohar Shinde, Director of MBA, extended a warm welcome to the gathering, while Prof. Reshma Pai conveyed gratitude through the vote of thanks.

Ms. Harshitha and Ms. Sneha Pai efficiently compered the program, ensuring smooth proceedings. Prof. Vandana Shankar, Placement and Admission Head, faculty members from the MBA department, and student council members Mr. Akshay and Ms. Yashith were present for the programme.

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