Vivekananda School of Management Studies- MBA Program organized a Talk session on “Financial Literacy and Career Planning” on 2nd December 2022. The session focused on Career Development and Financial Planning. The programme started at 3.00 pm with a welcome address by Mr Ashley D’Souza, Assistant Professor, MBA Program.

The opening remark and introduction of the programme were given by Mr Shreesha K M. He highlighted the good debt and bad debt, about different types of loans and Insurance. The key factors he addressed were types of savings, investment, insurance and donations. He gave some examples of how to save money. He gave an overview of the education sector and present trends in the job market. He did explain the relevance of swami Vivekananda's quotes to present youth in setting goals and reaching them. Overall the session highlighted the importance of financial planning and how one can become financially independent by starting the investment early to build wealth in a long run. The session was interactive and informative. The session concluded with a Q&A.

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