National Science day 2022 was celebrated by the department of Basic Science in association with ISTE-VCET chapter on 28th February 2022 at Sri Ramasabha Bhavana. “Ideathon”, a competition for sharing Startup Ideas on the Theme ‘Integrated Approach in Science & Technology for a Sustained Future’ was organized during the occasion, for 1st and 2nd year BE students of VCET. The aforesaid theme was given by the government of India to celebrate the National Science day 2022. The purpose of the competition was to develop solution oriented thinking in the students in their early stage of Engineering.

The competition involved proposal generation of Startup ideas of social relevance. These were invited by the teams of maximum 3 students in the prescribed Registration form. In total 31 startup ideas were received. 72 students, 51 from 1st year BE and 21 from 2nd year BE, had taken part in the competition. To select 8 teams out of 31 teams for ‘stage presentation round’ a screening committee was formed constituting Sri Shivaprasad (EC), Sri Raghavendra Prasad (ME), Sri Sumanth A (CV) and Sri Nithin Kurup (CS). The stage presentation round was conducted on 28th February 2022 in Sri Ramasabha Bhavana at 2.00 to 3.30 pm. In this round the selected 8 teams had to present their startup ideas using power point presentation to panel of 4 judges constituting of Prof. Manujesh B J, HoD, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Govindaraj P, HoD, Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Dr. Mahantesh R. Choudhari, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering and Sri Guyton Lobo, Department of MBA and Placement and Training.

Around 120 students of 1st year BE have witnessed the competition. The participants and the audience found the competition very much useful and organizers believe that it has served the purpose. All the 72 participants were issued e-Certificates of participation. Feedback was collected by all the participants as well as the audience. The competition was followed by the Prize distribution ceremony.

Sri Ravikrishna D. Kallaje, Director, Governing Council, VCET, Puttur was the President of the program. Sri T S Subrahman Bhat, Correspondent, Governing Council, VCET, Principal Dr. Mahesh Prasanna K, Prof. M. Ramananda Kamath, Head of the department Basic Science, Mr. Sunil K C, Coordinator of the event had graced the occasion. Students who won the prizes in National Mathematics day 2022 and Ideathon competitions were honoured with the prizes.

Principal in his remarks suggested the students that the ideas presented in the Ideathon competitions should turn out to become successful start ups at the end of their final year. He assured students that the college will be organizing more competitions of this kind in the future and requested students to make full use of the platforms

The President addressed the importance of the theme of national science day 2022 i.e. 'Integrated approach in science and technology for sustainable future' and the necessity of integration of various science departments including Biomedicine in the creation of sustainable future. In his address he motivated the students saying ‘engineers are the one who can come up with the technology that can solve the problem of the society and as the young engineers, the students should always keep looking for socially relevant problems in their day to day life.’ He promised the students that the college will provide necessary technical and financial support for those ideas with considerable social significance to develop them into successful start ups.

The whole formal program was conducted by 1st year B.E. students. Kum. Ananya K, 1st semester, A Division and Sri. Akash P, 1st semester C Division were the masters of the ceremony. The program started with the invocation from Kum. Harshithashree and Kum. Prajnashankari M N, 1st semester E and A Division, students, repectively. Kum. Arpitha, 1st semester F Division welcomed the gathering. Kum. Sakshishetty P, 1st semester D Division presented the significance of Sir. C.V. Raman’s contribution to the world of science and so the relevance of the celebrations. Mr. Sunil K C, Coordinator, NSD – 2022 briefed the audience about the purpose, structure and outcome of the Ideathon Competition. Sri. Supreeth, 1st semester, B Division announced the prizes of both National Mathematics Day and Ideathon competitions. Sri. Nipun, 1 st semester F Division rendered the ‘Vote of thanks’ and it was followed by National Anthem. Under the guidance of Prof. M. Ramananda Kamath, HoD Department of Basic science, the program was coordinated by Mr. Sunil K C, Dept of Physics with the involvement and contribution of all fellow colleagues and students.

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