Mr Narayana Nayak A

Mr Guyton Lobo

Assistant Professor

MBA Programme
Vivekananda College of Engineering & Technology
Nehru Nagar, Puttur (D.K.)-574203
E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Educational Qualification MBA,M.Com
Area of Specialization Financial Management Banking and Insurance Management
Experience Teaching: 6.1 Years
Area of Interest Financial Management,Management Accounting,Quantitative Techniques,Investment Banking and Financial Service,SAPM
Publications 1.Narayana Nayak A,"Supply Chain Management"National level paper presentation,3 may 2012 at Srinivas Institute of Technology,Manglore.
2.Narayana Nayak A,"Global Business-Challenges &opportunities"National level paper Presentation at Srinivas Institute of Technology,Manglore
. 3.Narayana Nayak A,"Contemporary Issue In Financial Services "National level paper Presentation at Goverment First Grade College Bettampady,Puttur
4.Narayana Nayak A,"Leadership Effectiveness"National level paper Presentation at SDM College of Management Studies,Manglore.
Workshops Attended 1.Faculty development program on Teaching Pedagogy held at VCET on 10-12 march 2016.
2.Faculty development program on Teaching Pedagogy held at VCET on 11-15 march 2016.
3.National Conference "Jnanasangama" held at VCET on 3 May 2016.
4.Faculty development program on "Research Methodology" held at vivekananda collage,puttur held at 19-23 july 2016.
5.National level seminar on "Emerging trend in the field of Accounting IFRS&EXRIL"held at SVS College Bantwal 31 August 2013.
6.Attended a workshop on new VTU MBA syllabus held at VTU regional office Nagarabhavi,Banglore.
7.Attended a workshop conducted by canara chamber for commerce and Industry Mangalore 27 August 2012.
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