Mr Mahabaleshwara Bhat P

Mr Mahabaleshwara Bhat P

Assistant Professor

Department of Electronics & Communication
Vivekananda College of Engineering & Technology
Nehru Nagar, Puttur (D.K.)-574203
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 9964958320

Educational Qualification B.E., M.Tech,
Area of Specialization Digital Electronics and Communication Systems
Experience Teaching: 4 Years
Area of Interest Communication Systems, Electronic Circuits.
Publications Conference: 1
1.Mahabaleshwara Bhat P and Dr.P C. Srikanth "Modeling Route-Hand off in MANET using Channel-Aware Routing Protocol" proceedings of International conference on Electrical and Electrical Engineering(ICEEE-2012), Mysore, 30 June 2012, ISBN:978-93-81693-82-7.
Workshops Attended 1.Faculty development program on Teaching Pedagogy level 2 held at VCET on 10-12 March 2016.

2.Faculty development program on PN Junction and BJT Devices held at VCET on 11-13 April 2016.

3.Foundation Course on Signala and System held at VCET on 20-24 August 2015.

4..Faculty development program on Teaching Pedagogy held at VCET on 6-9 July 2015.

5.ISTE workshop on Signala and Systems conducted by IIT Kharagpur on 2-12 January 2014.

6.ISTE workshop on Analog Electronics conducted by IIT Kharagpur on 4-14 June 2013.

7.Faculty development program on Effective Research for Improving the Quality of Teaching held at SDIT on 31 January 2013.

8.Faculty development program on Teaching Skills and Ethics in Professional Courses held at SDIT on 3 August 2012.
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